Jersey Jew Girl Finds Gandhi


It’s not everyday that I can take a day off and just explore NYC, so when I got the chance I grabbed it. N and I were headed for a day of celebrating my 21st birthday, drinking in the afternoon, walking lazily between the shops that lined up the upper east side, sifting through treasured goods in the flea market, and galavanting through chelsea market. We made quiet a stop on the highline as well. It was gorgeous, green, and beautiful, just what I needed to re-energize and get ready for a long work week.






After golpping down two big glasses beer, and tiring our legs, we finally came accross the cutest, petite, looking restaurant. If one didn’t know it was there one could have easily missed it. As we stepped into Gandhi the atmosphere changed. The walls were painted creme-sickle orange, the chairs constructed form a dark and old wood, and the ornaments that aligned the walls glistened in the sunlight and made silly shapes upon our faces. So was the food good? I’m sure that is really what you want to know. The food was INCREDIBLE, mouth-watering, made to perfection. Being the only two people in the restaurant was actually an asset, a specially in NYC. N and I talked none stop, we had the full attention of our waiter, and even got some free bread and dessert out of the whole ordeal. The prices were fairly low.




Rating: 5/5
Superb meal, filling, and excellent costumer service!!! Check out Gandhi next time you are in the city.


Jersey Jew