Jersey Jew Girl Goes to Israel


One summer ago I headed to the trip that would change my life. Packing a small suitcase crammed with clothes, hair supplies, make-up, and hiking boots I got into my SUV and drove to JFK. Being Israeli the trips to the homeland were frequent, but this one trip changed my life.




As I approached the airport I was filled with a tingling feeling at the pit of my stomach, what if no one likes me, what if I don’t make any friends, what if this trip is terrible? So on and so forth that voice played in my head like a record player without the option of pause.




The trip was anything, but boring, bad, or terrible. We traveled around the tiny country exploring nature, cities, clubs, restaurants, and street markets. We rode camels, and slept in tents, we hiked to see the sunset, and kissed under the moon lit stars, well some of us at least. For all the sleepless nights, the hours in the sun, and the days of traveling I wouldn’t change my trip for the world. Experiencing Israel through the eyes of a traveler, a tourist, was something I had never gotten to do. The views were breath-taking, and the feelings were emotional. The greatest thing to happen on the trip wasn’t the food, the scenery, or even the beach it was meeting the greatest guy in the whole world. As we are approaching our one year anniversary, oh my goodness I can’t believe it’s been a year, I am again reminded how amazing the Birthright trip I took was.



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Jersey Jew